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Our Team.

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Our Business Strategy

The overall strategy of HGR is to be a fierce competitor in the private funding platform of oil and gas project development by deploying the following methods:

  • Introduce projects that financially make sense at current oil prices

  • Acquire and drill only those projects where a geologist financially participates

  • Introduce projects that are only generated by proven geologists whom have specialized in that particular region

  • Introduce projects that can be funded and drilled in a relatively short time period

  • Maintain low unit pricing as compared to other projects on the market so as to increase the rate of return by virtue of cost paid.

  • Provide Turn-Key pricing to the Marketplace to eliminate surprise bills during the drilling and completion phases

  • Provide revenue distribution through a non-affiliated CPA third party for separation

  • Provide K-1 processing through additional third party CPA firm specializing in oil and gas

  • Provide communication through drilling reports directly from the field during all operations

  • It is our intent to provide a streamlined investment opportunity with Professional Industry Alliances that maintain a high level of communication at every turn.

  • Our Geological and Operational Alliances are very highly respected industry partners.

The oil and gas industry is divided into three sectors- Upstream, Midstream and Downstream. The Upstream Sector refers to the exploration and discovery for crude oil and natural gas and the subsequent production of the resources.  This is also referred to as the exploration and production sector, or E&P.  The Midstream Sector can include aspects of both the Upstream and Downstream sectors. However, the main function of the midstream sector is gathering systems.  These are storage areas are where raw products are stored before being transported and subsequently turned into petroleum products for the market.   The Downstream Sector refers to the refinement and distribution of Natural Resources.

HGR focuses significantly on the UPSTREAM sector.  More specifically, it is our goal to bring quality upstream projects to the marketplace to provide viable alternatives to the Accredited Investor.  Our experience and network of seasoned Geological and Operational professionals enable us to bring projects to market that we feel are some of the best low-cost drilling prospects available.

Gerald She.jpeg

In the Blood?

Gerald B. Shea, the Grandfather of the founders of High Gravity, was awarded the highest Honor as a civilian by the United States Government, Secretary of the Interior in 1958. He was the Chief Petroleum Engineer for the western region of the United States for many years, having a highly successful career in our industry. Shea ultimately worked under the orders of General Douglas MacArthur after WWII rehabilitating Japan’s oil resources, presented speeches worldwide, and published books on secondary oil recovery that can be found today in the Library of Congress. Gerry’s career spanned from the 1920’s through the 1960’s, and his predictions in the late 1950’s on the state of oil and gas in the US all came to fruition in the 1970’s. While this type of legacy is seldom seen, and certainly interesting, it is simply good history within the family, as Shea passed many years ago.

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